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    No Video over Component Video


      I  recently set up my Slingbox Solo.  I used the supplied connection cords and connected the composite video (yellow cord) and standard audio (red and white).  Since cable box had HD component video connections and so did the Solo and I went in purchased the Component video cords (red blue and green) and hooked them up in place of the composite.  I know the Solo wont broadcast HD, I just thought that the Component might supply a better non HD feed.  Anyways when I hook up the component it wont send video.  I plug back in the yellow cords and I get video.


      Any idea what is wrong.  Would going with S video make more since.  Also since I did the setup with composite video does that have anything to do with it or I am just wasting my time and will not seen any gains in picture quality in going to S video or component on the solo over Composite?