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    Already paid for SlingPlayer mobile; How do I install?


      I already have a license for SlingPlayer Mobile on my old Blackberry and now that I have a new Android phone I'd like to install SlingPlayer Mobile on that and transfer the registration there. The only option I see to install SlingPlayer Mobile on my Android device is to go through the Android marketplace and purchase the software again for $30.


      Is there a place I can directly download the software to my Android device or another way I can bypass the purchase requirement from the Android marketplace so that I can enter my existing registration details?



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          Hi, jason331.


          The following link will provide you with the available information about transferring the License or Registration Key.


          Can I move SlingPlayer Mobile from one handheld to another?

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              Similar question here.  I purchased my license through the SlingBox website, and have a new Android phone (Verizon Thunderbolt).  TheSlingbox website clearly says that I can transfer my license key to the new phone, and provides instructions on how to do it (Download a trial version), but there is no option to download a trial version via the directions provided.  It only allows me to purchase a new licensed copy.  Where do I download the trial version from?







              you bought SlingPlayer Mobile from the Sling Media Store:

              • Your SlingPlayer Mobile registration key is only good on one device at a time.

              • You can transfer your original registration key and email address combination to your new device, as long as SlingPlayer Mobile is available for that device in the Sling Media store.


              To transfer your registration:

              • Go to the Sling Media Online Store (see the link to the right).

              • Download a "trial" version of the software that you need.

              • Register your new device using your old key. When you do that, your old device is un-registered automatically, and you are sent an email verifying this change.

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                Would it be possible to provide more detailed instructions?


                Following that link and clicking on "Android phones" only ends up providing "BUY Now" options via the Android store.

                I notice that the "Palm" and "BlackBerry" version still show a "Free Trial" button with the remarks "*Free trial is not available for SlingPlayer for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone."

                So how can one transfer an existing SlingPlayer from non-Android device to an Android device?