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    Solo was working...


      Now all I get is there was an error connecting to your slingbox...


      Anyone have an inkling what is going on?  i have a solo with Turbo and for the past week and a half its run fine.


      nothing is up with my network, and I havent changed anything on my machines, though regular security patching is there.


      one computer Vista and one Windows 7, not able to connect to the sling box using either, it just stared to konk out this afternoon.  My wife was watching it on her laptop and the signal went.


      I have reset my router, my computers, the sling box, the turbo boxes.  everything.  its still not connecting to the slingbox.


      But I can surf and do anything else on the network. 


      All lights on all the boxes are Go.  Double red on the solo and green (with network activity) on the turbo.



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          Same issue, same day. No fix yet. Are you on fios with actiontec router by chance?

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              Nope.  I have  D-LINK N wireless.  Its in another room hence the turbo.


              I literally did nothing from when it was working until it was not.  I have to crawl around switching the plugs around I suppose....doesnt seem like there is much support for these things.

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                  mine has suddenly stopped too and its been working fine for about a year.

                  UK - NTL   / Airport Expreme  > Slinglink > hub > Slingbox


                  noting wrong with my network .. other equiptment is connected fine. No additions to network either, so its not due to changes.


                  I'm wondering if its the slingbox solo itself or the power supply.

                  The power light is on .. but nothing else.


                  when i power it on only the power light comes on.  This website says there will be flashing  ..but not of that.


                  I have tried the reset but...again the website suggests...  flashing will happen after 30 seconds ...nope


                  I will leave it totally disconnected and unplugged for 24 hours.  rather that 10 / 15 minutes.


                  The ethernet light won't come on even when plugged directly to router.


                  Slingbox is  not 2 years old.

                  The annoying thing is nothing has changed, so that leads me to think its a physical failure of some kind.


                  maybe i need to speak to support or does anyone have any ideas of verifying its a physical thing.

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                Here is a trick I tried this week instead of buying a new Slink LinkTurbo, I disconnected them.  I have an Airport Express from Apple.  I plugged it into an outlet near my SlinkBox Solo, ran downstairs and fired up slingplayer.  Works awesome. Actually doubled my streaming speed from ~1300 to ~2600.  The Airport Express is roughly the same cost as a SlingLink Turbo kit.  NowI can take a device out of my router, double my speed, and the best part, the Airport Express operates as a repeater for my wireless network and now reaches to the back part of my yard!  Give it a try. 

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                  Same exact problem and attempted resolutions as those above (except I don't know how to replace capacitors) and still no love.  I think the Power Supply  may also be intermittent, but I cannot be sure.  I even tried unplugging for two days and trying it in a different house and network all together (nope). I may be stuck PAYING to make this thing work and it's barely a year old!! Not a happy customer!

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                    Hi gooddawggy and all, please check the following article below to troubleshoot your issues.


                    Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues


                    Best regards,

                    The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderator Team

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                      My 13 month old Slingbox solo stopped working with no network light on also. Resetting it will have the network light flash on and off quickly for 5 times, but the light does not stay on. I have replaced the cables and changed Ethernet port in the router with no success. As this is my second unit to fail now (both just out of warranty) I am wondering if there is an alternative to the sling box? Any recommendations?

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                          My solo has recently stopped working too and my problem seems similar to yours.


                          It has started disconnecting more and more often and now disconnects every 10-30 seconds.  I reset everything and now it wont even stay connected long enough to run through the setup.  I have gone through all the troubleshooting and it still wont work.  I bought it about 1 year and 3 months ago.  I have reset the slingbox, changed LAN cables, and bought a new router (the old router was old anyway) and nothing has seemed to work.


                          I was going to call tech support to ask for assistance but I don't want to be charged for support.  I looked for an email to send a request for help in troubleshooting and couldn't locate one.  Chat seems to be available only to those within 90 days of purchase.


                          I bought an original slingbox when they first came back and had a similar issue.  I have bought two slingboxes over the years and I wish I could get this one working.  Any help would be appreciated.

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                              ndoren Newbie

                              EXACT same problem here.


                              Sling solo woked PERFECTLY for many months.  Then started resetting more and more often.   Tonight, I followed the forum advice and did a complete reset, but as the previous poster mentioned, I could barely get through the configuration items before the box reset again.  I then did the configuration in a big hurry so as to beat the reboot cycle, and my Solo is now configured again.  However, I've had no success in fixing the problem.   The unit seems to "reboot" after about 10-30 seconds of streaming.


                              I have a PhD in computer engineering with extensive networking experience.  There is nothing tech support can tell me that I haven't tried.  I can't believe I have to pay them in order to have them tell me my hardware is defective.  Is there another solution?  Neall

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                                  rickertb Newbie

                                  I also got the same PhD and with many years of coding experience and could not experience connect and stream to my iphone and on osx anymore.

                                  the programs crash almost instantly.


                                  A great product experience and a high satisfaction rate is almost killed if a new and improved software software doesn't come soon.

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                                    ndoren Newbie

                                    Ok, fixed.  My solo box is as good as new.


                                    It's not a software issue.


                                    I replaced the two 470 microfarad capacitors and the reliability has been restored to the original factory condition.  Only one of my two 470 uF capacitors was visibly swollen, but I replaced them both, being they were the same manfuacturer and value.


                                    As others did, I purchased the new caps at Radio Shack.  The easiest way to remove the capacitors is to "rock" them out by alternatively heating each lead and pulling to the opposite side from the top of the board.   It's then best to "clean" the hole using some solder removal braid, also available from Radio Shack.


                                    Sling has a serious problem here, and they should figure out the range of Solo serials numbers that encompass the bad capacitor lot.  Anyone who calls with a network problem, whose Solo is within that range, should get the box replaced, no questions asked.  I doubt that's going to happen, given this problem has been discussed on the board for a year.  Neall

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                                        Thanks for the info.  I bought the equipment from Radio Shack and I am going to try it.


                                        I hope I can fix it


                                        I also wish Slingplayer would do something to address this issue.  I couldn't even find a technical support email address to complain about it.  I finally found an email address for sales.  They flatly refused to forward to someone in technical support or give me another email address.  All I wanted to do was to complain a bit and I didn't really expect them to do anything much.  But I was suprised they wouldn't even give me a place to complain too


                                        I would hate to file a BBB complaint against them, but I am thinking about it.  Maybe that or contact whatever division of California state government handles consumer affairs and file a complaint.  It probably wont help but at least it might me feel better...

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                                            ndoren Newbie

                                            In Sling's defense... see this thread:




                                            There are probably 100 posts in the thread that discuss this problem, and every few posts, a moderator for Sling literally begs people to call their support line.  So, instead of emailing you may want to just call.


                                            The bottom line is that the Slingbox Solo is a great product but they got a huge bum batch of capacitors in their manufacturing process.  It sounds like Sling's approach to fixing the problem is a bit awkward, to say the least, because the hardware issues are hard to sort out from people's misconfiguration issues.  Yet, I hope they find a way to make the replacement process a lot more straightforward.


                                            Note to everyone:  Opening the Slingbox voids your warranty.  Don't do it to warrantied boxes.  Doing so to any box, warrantied or not, may permanently damage it.  Also, you may be addressing and attemtping to repair something other then the true cause.  Proceed at your own risk.

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                                                Yeah, I may try that.  I just don't want to be stuck with a $30 charge and then they wont help.  But I guess I do owe them the benefit of the doubt.  I can't too upset with them without giving them the opportunity to make it right using their rules.  Now, if they don't resolve the issue and I am out $30, then I feel I will have to a legitimate complaint.

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                                                    ndoren Newbie

                                                    Just based on what I've read in other threads here, I think they will make things right if you call them.  They have a quality issue here that they certainly need to address, with a minimum of frustration and hurdles for the customer.   I also feel this is a brilliant product, and I hope the are able to weather the storm and continue business for many years to come.


                                                    Maybe they should refurbish all the failiing Solos and create a discounted, factory refurbished and warrantied program whereby web users can buy them at reduced rates.   Neall