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    Slow (~200 kbps) Pro-HD streaming


      I know there have already been threads started in regards to this issue (ie. ~200 kbps max stream speed) and suggestions to check internet connections as well as  software updates.  I have done that as well as went 2 steps further.  I swapped out my slingbox with friend's and he logged in from his house with (> 1000 kbps speed).  Then re-hooked my slingbox and he logged with my username to check speed and it was back to ~200 kbps.  I am positive it is an issue with the slingbox hardware itself.  Am I basically hosed or are there any solutions?  I bought it 5 months ago.


      I originally had the issue in which the video was choppy but no issue with the audio.  I reset the slingbox as recommended and that issue went away.Shortly after that issue going away it seems this one came about.  I am frustrated thinking that perhaps my slingbox had a 5 month life.  Do I have any hope?  The slingbox is receiving proper air and is never hot.  I did rely on it a lot but it seems the quality is decreasing.

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          I am having similar problems.  It looks like there is something wrong with the Slingbox network.  I have checked connetion speed on both ends but it is good except when I go through the Slingbox.

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              Akilla21 Newbie

              You think 200kbps is bad... I'm getting 9-20kbps. I'm trying to determine if its the US side on my wonderful German ISP. When I run traces and BW speed test from each site I see latency of about 200ms at the worst. In which shouldn't relate to 9kbps. I think at times its my German ISP, but I've changed the ports on both sides from 443, 5000, 10000 but I get the same results slow Streaming speeds.


              When I traceroute to Slingmedia.com I see the same latency of about 176 to 199ms. Still in the same ranges as traces to other sites from Germany to the US and from the US to Germany. Is it Sling or is it my ISP. I also, move my computer behind a VPN connection and I started to get intermittent 800-1000kbps in which is very strange for Witopia VPN of about 300ms of latency.


              I still ask, is it my ISP port rate limiting, Slingbox on the west coast or simply bad upload speeds from the US? I can't really complain about my US side as I looked at the cable modem and it has excellent QAM's, frequency levels and db's. So, I don't know who to blame for my slow speeds. If I go to another video streaming website, both sides shows the same rate of 335kbps on the US and Germany sides.

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                  vancanfan67 Newbie

                  I am experiencing something similar....my old slingbox bit the dust a little while ago and I have recently replaced it with a recent model. My old box gave me speeds around 500 kbps, with the new box I only get 360 max...it just sits there and refuses to go higher.


                  I'm starting to think this is still related to what happened to Sling's network in August when everything went down.

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                      Akilla21 Newbie

                      I don't put anything past Slingbox. But I did ping and traceroutes to Slingmedia that destines at Washington State and from both Telekom in Wies and Comcast in VA/DC is about 190ms. Both side were consistent, but that doesn't account for application/firewall delays. Clearly ICMP can pass uninterrupted at less that 50kb a packet while we are trying to stream with 250kb size packet per frame.


                      That can be easily traced to an IP. I don't know if you guys stateside IP changes every week, but that could be a trick for Telekom. I'm working ot have mine done. But just streaming across a VPN connection I"m now seeing between 500-800kbps. But just streaming from Telekom router and I only get 40kbps. My VPN still traverses telekom but the DA IP is different using the VPN. Go figure? I'm going to try pure Iphone 3G network tethering tommorrow or if my VPN connection fails. As it does every  4-5hours, but a reboot of the router fixes it.

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                  Hi Maloneyp and all,


                  Take a look at the following link. You'll find the most common reasons for this behavior.


                  A slow Internet connection at home can affect picture quality when Internet Viewing


                  If the upload speed at home is not the issue, and you updated the firmware, we recommend you to Reset the Slingbox and run the Setup Assistant.