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    Re: Slingbox SOLO: Streaming stops unexpectedly


      Just an update, my family at home first called slingbox and they said it was our router that was the problem. After rechecking the router and making sure it was working, my family called sling back saying it was definitely not the router. The sling support determined it was a slingbox failure, and are sending a new one! So, in fact I did receive good customer support, and this all took place on a Saturday afternoon/evening. Give them a call, and if it is a problem on their part, they will refund the 30.00 dollar fee which is great!

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          My Slingbox Sreaming also stops unexpectedly. They told me that my warranty had expired. I bougth it in June 2009. A failure after sixteen months is not good.

          I don't know what to do.

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              Mine, like many others started dieing after about 12 months of use. This thread https://community.sling.com/message/25922 details the problem pretty well. If you have issues within the 90-day period everything is all good. You can call them and they'll help you for free. If you have problems outside the 90-day period, Sling requires you to pay $30 just to talk to someone about the problem. You'll hope that they'll agree there is a hardware problem and refund you afterward. But if you get a problem after the one-year warranty expires (like me and many others), you'll find yourself in the situation user ckelly3575 found himself in:


              "When I called tech support I was told I had to pay $30 to have them check to see if it is a hardware issue, then if it is found to be a hardware issue, I will get refunded my $30 off the $100 price to replace my slingbox.  So basically I have to pay an extra $70 to fix the problem.  If they don't find the problem to be hardware related and cannot solve the problem, I was told I still had to pay the $30 fee.  The customer service rep was extremely rude and unhelpful.  Even went as far as to tell me that this is not a common problem.  Doesn't look that way to me.  Must be nice to have actually gotten help like others have posted, but that was not the case for me.  I was told those were my only options. Pay $30 and either lose it or have to pay an additional $70 to fix the problem, but the rep couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't happen again."


              In that thread you'll notice Sling representatives saying that for many people they waved all fees regardless of warrenty status. That's nice, but the documentation they link (http://support.slingbox.com//get/solo-troubleshooting.html) does not agree:


              "However, if we determine that your issue is a warranty hardware issue that we cannot resolve over the phone, we will:

              • Replace the Slingbox SOLO for free.

              • Refund the support fee you purchased."


              The uncertainty and mixed messages are really the worst part. I wish they had done what Microsoft had done with the Xbox 360, extend support for customers who experience a specific widespread problem. I love the product when it worked, but if I had researched before my purchase as you seem to be doing, I would have not bought it.

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              Hi Topspin1027 & Massaar,


              Try this troubleshooting article and see if they help with the errors you're experiencing:


              Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues


              Let us know how it works.