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    Slingplayer for Blackberry Curve 3G (9300)


      Hi guys,


      Anyone managed to get slingmobile to work on this new model? or if sling are going to release a compatible version for this phone? As much as i love my slingbox im very dissapointed at the lack of software updates for newer handsets guys...





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          Hi, peds1988.

          The main issue in this case is that the BlackBerry Curve 9300 Mobile device is not included on the supported devices list. This means that even though you can download and install the SlingPlayer Mobile application, it might not work properly.

          The following link will provide you with the supported BlackBerry Mobile devices.

          Devices and Requirements

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            i concurr. My Black Berry Bold died while travelling over this holiday period. I went to the AT&T store and was sold the Curve 9300 as "the most comparable model". Am now trying to download the Slingbox Mobile software so i can watch the football games this weekend and am finding that the new phone is "not supported". How long before Slingbox will issue software to make this model compatable? Or should i go back and trade this phone for a compartable model?

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              I have similar issues, one of the reasons for Slingbox was support of Blackberry devices.  I made the stupid mistake of assuming that 3G devices would be supported.  Have Torch and Curve 3G neither which will do a download.


              Where can we get the software to try and manual install?