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    Streaming rate drop


      My slingbox is located in Korea and I have connected remote viewing in US. Streaming rate in my slingplayer varied a lot from 1600Kbps to 200Kbps. I really don't understand why causes such big change. For example, one day I was watching it with 1600Kbps. Right after disconnecting and connecting it again, streaming rate dropped to 200~300Kbps and later on it was getting faster but could not reach in 1600Kbps.


      Download and upload internet speed in Korea is >20Mbps/20Mbps. Downloading speed in US is 7Mbps. I tried to reset slingbox and router to see if it improved. This way sometimes worked but most of time didn't work.


      Any idea how to improve streaming rate?



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          I see the same rate variations while operating on my LAN. I think it has to do with how much video compression can be done at the time of transmission. If that is the case then small video quality changes should happen.

          Unfortunately there is no control over the compression algorithm.

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              I don't still understand how streaming rate varied so much even though internet speeds at both places are not slow down at all. It ran at ~1000kbps and someday at ~300kbps where video quality was so terrible.


              What other factor determines streaming rate at remote location? I thought only broadband speeds at both places are most important but they are not.