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    Slingbox PRO-connection lost using coax input


      When using coax input (DVB-T antenna) and signal is unstable, slingplayer loose contact with slingbox.

      Slingbox has to be manually reset, - not easy when away!


      Returned the box and got a new, but same problem occurs.


      Hardware, Firfmware ?


      running latest firmware and player version



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          Hi Olebrum,


          We need you to be more specific. We need to get more information about your issue, Do you have this issue only remotely or at the Slingbox location too? Do you have the Slingbox connected hardwired using a Ethernet cable not too long? When you have this issue, can you see something different with the power and network light in front of the Slingbox?


          We recommend you to be as specific as possible. This way, other forum users will be able to help you with accurate information.

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              I have the same problem. The problem happened when I configured the slingbox pro to receive DVB-T. The disconnection occurs both locally and remotely and all the lights are on (power, network, access light in front of the Slingbox). During normal operation, access light is not on I have to power off and power on the SlingBox. Regards.Carlo

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                dvb-t (mpeg2) is normally 80-100% quality. If the signal fails and I then change the dvb-t channel, the box locks up and needs to be restarted.

                When weak signal occurs, I switch to another input (satellite box) to avoid the box locks up.
                Box operates normally, as long as I avoid dvb-t source.
                This happens at both local and remote use.

                When later switching back to dvb-t and signal is good, operation is normal.

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                    I have the same problem too


                    the first time I configured on the slingbox pro the internal DTT tuner everything was fine (channels found and working)

                    for other reasons I had to reset the box

                    Now when I try to setup the DTT the channel search reach 70% and then I get a messagge of connection lost and the slingbox auto-reset (left light goes off, and then restart)

                    I'm using theSB prox in italy, connected on coax to a tv antenna and input 2 to a iptv set top box


                    thx 4 help

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                  I've nearly the same problem: when watching DVB-T (France), Slingplayer loses connection more than twice a day and I have to reconnect manually. I have a very good antenna signal, I'm quite sure that's not the problem.


                  Last firmware and last player version too.