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    Continuous Blinking Network Light


      I have had a SlingBox Solo for about 2-3 years.  I have had no problem with it because it was plugged directly into my router.  Recently I had to move my router to a different room of the house.  I have purched SlingLink Turbo 1-port to connect both of them.


      All 3 lights on both SlingLink Turbo's (the one connected to the router and the one connected to the SlingBox Solo), are solid green.


      The Network Light on my SlingBox Solo keeps blinking.  After many attempts to restart the SlingBox Solo, including unplugging the power, pressing the reset button, etc. the Network Light remains blinking.


      My computer is not recognizing this SlingBox Solo.


      Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?



      On a different TV in my house I have connected another SlingBox Solo and another SlingLink Turbo 1-port and it is working perfectly.

      (Right now there are 2 SlingLink Turbo 1-port's attached to my router)


      Thank you for your help!!!!