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    SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7


      Back in the spring, about a month after Windows Phone 7 was announced at Mobile World Congress, Sling Media stated that they were planning to develop a version of SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7. Now that Windows Phone 7 is set to launch in Europe this week and in North America next month I have to ask: Has anyone updated Sling's Windows Phone 7 plans since March? I haven't heard any news and the silence worries me. I have been waiting all year to get a Windows Phone 7 device, but have also invested heavily in Sling products over the last 5 years. I will be disappointed if there is a long delay in supporting Windows Phone 7, but my bigger concern is that no announcement will be made stating whether or not Sling is actually in the process of developing a SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7. I realize that setting an exact launch date this early may not be possible for Sling, but could we at least see a renewed commitment that it's still happening?