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    Slow Pro-HD slingcatcher streaming


      I know there have already been threads started in regards to this issue (ie. ~200 kbps max stream speed) and suggestions to check internet connections as well as  software updates.  I have done that as well as went 2 steps further.  I swapped out my slingbox with friend's and he logged in from his house with (> 1000 kbps speed).  Then re-hooked my slingbox and he logged with my username to check speed and it was back to ~200 kbps.  I am positive it is an issue with the slingbox hardware itself.  Am I basically hosed or are there any solutions?  I bought it 5 months ago.


      I originally had the issue in which the video was choppy but no issue with the audio.  I reset the slingbox as recommended and that issue went away.Shortly after that issue going away it seems this one came about.  I am frustrated thinking that perhaps my slingbox had a 5 month life.  Do I have any hope?