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    unsuported signal like 1080P/weak or no video signal


      I have been having this problem ever since I connected the HD connect cable. Firstly my equipment


      Slingbox Pro

      Sky HD Thomson (with component)

      Sling link turbos


      There is no TV connected to this equipment and no HMDI cable connected, it is used purely for remote viewing and nothing else.


      Basically this all works fine for about a day and then I wake up the following morning I always get the message "unsupported signal like 1080P is connected". Its turning into "groundhog day" I have been speaking to Slingbox support about this for months and I may as well be talking to a brick wall. As far as they are concerned the blame is with the sky box even though I have told them Sky boxes cannot output 1080P they can only do 1080i. It took me about 10 minutes to convince the support that SKY HD does not output 1080P even then he was still dubious. Even told me to call Sky and ask them for a firmware upgrade. "yeah Ill call sky and tell them can you make a firmware upgrade for one person out of your 10m customers as I seem to have this problem"


      They suggested I lower the signal to 720P, but why should I they clearly advertise the Slingbox Pro as being able to handle a 1080i signal and I bought it on this basis. The difference in quality from s-video to component is massive on the slingbox. Go to any website selling a slingbox and in the spec it clearly states it can handle 1080i signal (I know its downgraded when sent over the internet) its even on the slingmedia pages. Nonetheless I did switch to 720P which did not make a blind bit of difference.


      The ridiculous thing is it works fine for the day so if this box was not capable it would not work even for a second let alone the whole day. The picture is excellent with component and I was so looking forward to the Slingbox HD, but there is absolutely zero chance of me buying one. I have spent so much money on sky boxes, slingboxes, sling turbos and banks worth of cash to speak to tech support and there is less than zero chance of me throwing more money down the toilet with the new slingbox HD


      Personally I do not undestand if their boxes cannot deal with a 1080i signal why do they advertise that they do? This is false advertising for sure!


      It would appear that this happens when the Sky HD box gets turned off although Im still testing this. Tonight I will leave the sky box on and see what is waiting for me in the morning. When the sky HD box is turned on again it always has the message above. When I turn it on the sound is there and it says no video signal received. IT works fine with s-video and with composite, I do not get these messages.


      Anyone with any ideas or help it would be greatly appreciated fro a very very frustrated slingbox user!