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    Video and Audio Jumping.


      I have Slingbox Pro-HD and Slingcatcher installed with latest firmware, PC loaded with latest Slingplayer.  Comcast cable in Atlanta.  Slingbox is connected to Comcast digital cable box with component cables.  Slingcatcher connected to TV with component cables.  I'm slinging from Atlanta USA to France.


      For previous few months, I've had extremely good streaming rates (consistently over 2MB) at both slingcatcher and PC.  I've been enjoying football in HD each weekend.  Since this Monday (October 11) I've seen a dramatic drop in streaming speeds - down to below 400K.   Along with this drop off, the video and audio starts skipping and jumping.  This is so bad that the shows are unwatchable.


      I've had my brother (in ATL) restart everything and check for firmware updates on home router.  Interesting to note that during night time or very early morning hours in ATL I get my familiar 2MB streaming, but beginning about 8 AM Atlanta time (2 PM in France) the slow down and choppy behavior appears.  It seems that when ATL wakes up my streaming rates drop.  Brother confirms that his internet speed and performance are not impacted.


      Other steaming (watching news shows, etc) goes just fine with no issues.  Any information on Comcast making changes this past week?