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    new Qwest Modem causes Slingbox to not sling anymore




      I recently upgraded my Qwest modem.  My slingbox now works perfectly over my LAN, but does not work at all over the internet.


      It is one of the older 'grey' Slingboxes (model US100-100).


      Here's what happens externally:

      [Watching the status area on the slingplayer:] An external (to my network) slingplayer will connect into my slingbox (using it's IP and port), start to stream the data, and then just fail and reset immediately before any streamed data is shown (the slingplayer on the Mac is the latest version and does not issue any error message). 


      I was at a hotel last weekend, and the Windows Vista machines they had failed similarly, but with an error code.  I do not remember it (and I don't have access to a Windows machine normally).


      My new Qwest modem basically acts as a 1 port (ethernet only) router, which goes into the Netgear router I previously had (pre new Qwest modem), which then runs my LAN.


      The setup is basically:

      new Qwest Modem DMZ's to the Netgear modem which then port forwards to the slingbox.  Both routers technically do a NAT, but the Netgear modem is the DMZ target of the new Qwest modem.


      It works perfectly over the LAN (ie: LAN Mac -> Netgear -> slingbox).


      Any ideas please?




        • Re: new Qwest Modem causes Slingbox to not sling anymore

          I finally figured out what was going wrong.


          All the router and network settings were correct.


          My slingbox was apparently set to "WAN Access? No."


          I discovered this by looking at the Information tab in the "Slingbox Directory -> Edit" Window.


          I'm not sure why it was set to disallow WAN access; I reran the configuration setup and explicitly allowed this capability.


          It works now (confirmed this by having a friend install the Mac Slingplayer, connect in from their house, and verify)!