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    DVR controls not working  Comcast/Motorola DCT6412



      Trying to set up a new Slingbox Solo...I'm traveling in China and it's not working as expected. Specifically, the remote will change channels but not control the Comcast DVR. The OnDemand button puts me into OnDemand, but I have no options to choose from. Have been unable to find a solution and being in China, customer service is hard to reach.



      Using Mac version of Slingplayer.

      Slingbox Solo

      Comcast cablebox/DVR Motorola DCT6412


      The setup program gives me several choices for DC6412.

      1. Cablebox

      2. PVR

      3. Comcast Cablebox/PVR.


      Onely (1) works.

      When I choose (2) or (3), the remote comes up with "blank" buttons...the buttons are not really there. So cannot change channels or do anything unless I choose 1.

      Any thoughs would be greatly appreciated.