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    Help with Cursor Problems on Watch.Slingbox.com


      When viewing my DVR on watch.slingbox.com within seconds of opening the page, the cursor is replaced with a non responsive + (plus sign) within that page and only that page (see screen shot below, the + cursor is directly below the b in the Slingbox logo).


      Right click function still works but even though the + cursor still highlights links and activates rollover menus, left clicking on those options does nothing.


      Picture and sound are fine but I can't switch screen sizes or any other option on the page.  I can still use the remote, the cursor returns when I am not directly over the watch.slingbox.com window.


      I fiest noticed this on my Laptop and thought it might be a resource problem but it happens on my desktop using Windows Vista64 Premium, IE8 with an Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 2.33 GHz and 8GB RAM as well.