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    MAC Slingplayer Will Not Connect


      Using a Slingbox Pro HD

      Macbook Pro on OS X 10.5.8

      Actiontec M1424-WR Router (Verizon FIOS)


      Also running VMWARE/Windows XP


      Ok, so EVERYTHING WORKS - Except the Mac Slingplayer client.


      I can do complete setup from the Mac Player setup utility and then go over to the Windows XP player and it connects. I can run web setup from the MAC or the XP. I can connect and stream local (shortcut) and off net from both of the web clients.


      ONLY THE Mac Slinplayer never finds/connects even thouh the Mac setup was used to configure the HD from the help menu in the player.


      What gives? Makes no sense that to run from the MAC OS I have to run web based to just stream over my local LAN.


      Anyone else have this problem? Even with firewalls in the MAC and the router completely open - NG.