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    need some advice PLEASE!



      I was not sure exactly where to put this but I figured here was as close to a good spot as any.

      I have a slingbox A/V and 2 slingcatchers one where the sling box is and one connected to my router/modem combo. These I got in 2007 long before we got vcrs or dvds and the like, so I only needed 1 port  for the cable box. Now though it has pretty much become obsolette because of the dvd/vcr combo the cable box and (soon) the blueray we do NOT have an HDTV (YET) but the only option I see to purchase with a 4 port hub IS the HD PRO. I am wondering if getting the HD Pro would be a problem with our (very old, yet 60" tv) I am also wondering if I upgrade to the HDPRO, do I need to upgrade the slink catchers (slinklink...whatever it's now called) and would I NEED 2 or could I just get one for the "tv central box" and use the 1 port for the router/modem?


      I really want more options in watching tv both at home and away and having the 4 port I can watch a dvr while hubby at home (or in front room) watches a dvd or regular tv or if I want to use the vcr and he wants to watch an on demand or whatever, we have choices.  If it's pay one price and get updates etc no problem, other than those "movie offers" where ya pay monthly or being bored because he is taking up the tv and there is something else I want to watch.

      Please, If someone could help me out here, it's been 3 (almost 4) years since I got the sling, heck very few even heard of it then. I know the technology has changed ALLOT  and I want to make a WISE decision before I lay my money down, so to speak.


      Thanks for any help in advance!



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      Thank you!

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          Hello Opalisis,

          The Slingbox PRO-HD will give you the option to connect up to three home-theater devices, such as your DVR, digital cable set-top box, and DVD player/recorder, you just need to connect the devices to the Slingbox using different cables like (Composite, Coaxial, Component).


          And you don't need to upgrade the SlingLinks, they will work very good.


          You can find more information for the Slingbox PRO-HD here


          Slingbox PRO-HD Overview