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    Slingplayer for Roku

    ddevil Newbie

      I really would like to see a Slingplayer channel on the Roku. Is there any talk of doing that?

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          I don't know, but I watch my Roku on my SlingPlayer SOLO.  I have it plugged into the S-video input.  My cable box is plugged into the component cable inputs.

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            ddevil Newbie

            Yep, that is one way that you could watch your Roku someplace else. But I am looking to watch my Slingbox from my Roku. I want to watch what is on my Tivo (slingbox) from my Roku (Slingplayer channel).


            It would be a lot like using a SlingCatcher to watch a Slingbox. And since the SlingCatcher is discontinued... this seems like a good logical step.

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              jimfitzgerald Apprentice

              Oh, I see.  That's a good idea.

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                Since SlingCatcher is now longer available, I'd like to advocate for an even better idea - get SlingCatcher software on the Roku box, the Boxee box, Google TV and other similar devices.  If this was the case, I would certainly purchase more SlingBoxes, and would strongly consider switching from DirecTV to Dish.


                You have a great product.  Don't stop now - keep going!!

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                  ddevil Newbie

                  Yep, I think we are saying the same thing. Slingplayer software  or Slingcatcher software then it should be the same thing.


                  I also want this software on the PS3. I think this would also be a great app on Playstation.

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                    Yes, same thing.  Just want to be able to recieve a SlingBox stream on these other devices.  I like the Playstation idea as well - we can add Xbox360 to the list as well.  I think Sling should take the Netflix approach and get this on as many devices as possible - it would help with both Slingbox sales and Dish sales.

                    • 7. Re: Slingplayer for Roku  ** IMPORTANT** SLING PEOPLE LOOK HERE!

                      Yes, this is a must do. So Sling Folks, its simple:

                      i want to access my slingplayer  through my Roku box.

                      Roku goes to an IP address, then sub verifies etc..., my sling player has an IP address...

                      as all are writing, provide the software, one piece of hardware and let me have access to my content.

                      Form a strategic partnership before the next Roku box is able to move (sling) my content - then your hardware is immediatly obsolete from a new sales perspective, and your software will follow that path as the exidus to other software begins.


                      Please get on this or let us know you have no plans for this type of collaboration.

                      Best and thanks


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                        ddevil Newbie

                        I'm wondering why someone from Sling does not respond to this. It seems like it would be a very good idea to do this. I would certainly be willing to pay for this app on Roku a lot easier than buying it for mobile devices @ $30 each. That seems really steep to me.

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                          +1 to this request, i have a slingbox in a different country and would love to be able to just use my roku to watch the content on my PC rather than messing with hooking the PC upto the TV...

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                            Would love to see this feature as well.  What's the hold up Slingbox?  This should be an easy addition to the Roku network.

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                              jimfitzgerald Apprentice

                              This does seem like a good idea, but it's not a "must do."  SlingMedia can decide for themselves what their "must do's" are.  Maybe they are working on this, or maybe they have reasons why they don't want to do this.

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                                I have to agree, s SlingCatcher style channel on my Roku would be a welcome addition!


                                I'm wondering if it may be possible to create an add-on to PlayOn.  Maybe it's possible to use the existing SlingPlayer app to capture the stream and use PlayOn to get it to the Roku..... just need the middleware on a PC to connect the input and output.

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                                  +1 for this idea for me too.


                                  I was actually looking around the internet for ANYTHING that I could hook up to my 2nd TV via HDMI and be able to watch/control my tivo from another room.


                                  I could get a 2nd Tivo and use multi-room viewing, but a bit spendy for that.  I looked to see if Sling was selling the SlingCatcher or the SlingReceiver 300, but didn't see it on sale anywhere.


                                  The only real choice seems to be to use a PC or Mac and the slingplayer software.  But I'd like something that works w/ a remote control, and not sure slingplayer under any PC OS with slingplayer can be controled by a remote.


                                  - Jim

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                                    I also would like to see a Roku Slingplayer app. Would gladly pay for it as well! Sling, please make this a reality.

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