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    New Computer won't connect; all others connect - why?


      I have SB Pro-HD. Just got a new Acer Aspire X3400.  It seems to briefly connect to the Slingbox, but then I get the error message: "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting again".


      I have 5 other computers in my house, all of them connect to the Slingbox just fine.  I have a handheld that also connects just fine.  The Acer is running Windows 7 and I have attempted multiple times to connect with the Windows Firewall disabled.  All computers in my house are on the same network.  I'm looking for some application that may be blocking port 5001 - but have not found the problem yet.  Slingbox support has verified the product is working properly and essentially pointing me to the Acer as the issue.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.