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    How do you block the streaming Sling Player application?


      I have kids that use various devices (windows phone, android, apple), but we do not have the physical appliance.


      I work from home and my connection won't tolerate having so many devices streaming  TV when i need to be on the phone (IP soft phone).


      I can set a schedule on my router that will block services and ports.  I've perused this site and the internet and all I've found are port ranges of 5001-5025, 5101-5125, & 5201-5225.  I've blocked all 3 ranges on my router between the hours of 9am to 6pm.  When i went to test on my android tablet, the app still ran and streamed whatever i selected.


      Does the streaming app use a different range of ports?  If so, what are they so i can configure my router.  Please and thank you