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    Built-in tuner avoids conflict with viewers at home??


      Does this mean when I am viewing away from home, the viewer at home can still watch TV in different channel?


      I installed the Pro-HD at home but when I change channel from the web-base view, it changes the channel at home as well.

      Am I misunderstand the function? or did I do something wrong when I set up?


      Thanks in advance, hopefully someone can let me know.



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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          The Slingbox Pro-HD has an internal tv tuner of it's own.  So, if someone at home is watching one channel via a cable box or satellite box, etc.  You can view a different channel via the Slingbox using the internal tv tuner.  However, you must have a second tv signal source hooked up to the Slingbox for this to work.  You can use an OTA antenna or the raw cable tv signal via the coax cable coming from the wall.  You cannot watch two different channels from your cable box or satellite box.

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            hmiller Newbie

            hey HY


            the only way to watch stuff from your slingbox without sharing that viewing with the folks at home is to use the built-in tuner and connect that input to basic cable or an OTA antenna. the other inputs essentially share the signal that is going to your tv. so when you change the channel, it changes it for those at home too.


            so - if you have cable, split off the signal before it gets to your set top box. then send one cable to the set top box and one cable to the coax input on the slingbox. or if you have sat, hook up an antenna to that input.


            then set up the tuner input in the player (either desktop or the web thing). let me know if you need any help with that part.