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    Looking at purchasing a Slingbox, but have questions


      I have been considering the purchase of a Slingbox.  I am trying to understand how the Slingbox will work with my DirecTv satellite box.  I understand the Slingbox Solo doesn't have a tuner, so it will use the tuner of my satellite box.  My question on this setup is, how does the Slingbox solo control my satellite box?  ie change channels, control the DVR, etc?

      Next, I understand the Slingbox Pro HD has a built in tuner.  My question on this setup is, will this work with satellite or only cable?  Or is the Slingbox Pro HD also a satellite tuner with an access card?  And if so, do I need to add it to my DirecTv account as an additional tuner?

      Lastly, is there a limit to the number of computers I can use to access Slingbox?  ie, my home computer, my work computer, my laptop, my wife's laptop, etc.  Does it cost to add more than one device or are all devices no cost?  I also understand it is $29.99 for a mobile device to access your Slingbox, is that fee for each mobile device or a one time fee for unlimited mobile devices,

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          The Slingbox uses an IR Blaster to control your satellite/cable box.  It sticks to the top of your box with the beam in front of your satellite box sensor. It plugs into your Slingbox and is controlled via a virtual remote on your computer screen.    I don't think you can use the raw satellite signal as your second signal for a Slingbox Pro-HD.  You can use a cable box or OTA antenna.  You should be able to load the Slingbox software on any computer, but you will only have one account and can only access your Slingbox with one computer at a time.  If you try to access it with a second device, you have to bump the other device off.    The $29.99 mobile phone application is for each device.  Again, you only have one account and can access your Slingbox with only one device at a time.  That includes computers and/or phones.