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    "System Recovery"-message keeps popping up


      If I try to start up the slingcatcher this message keeps Coming up. "You are seeing this screen because you SlingCatcher encoutered a problem, or you pressed the resetbutton for more than 5 sekunds.

      This process wil restore SlingCatcher to its factory default settings.

      SlinCatcher will now connect to your home network and download the most recent software.

      Press OK on your remote to start the system recovery."


      But when I do that, the same message come up on the screen no matter how many times I press OK. I have now tried to press the resetbutton for 10 seconds, that didn't do me any good. I didn't do anything before it startet giving me this message in the first place. It was before I tried to reset it. Is there anybody who has a solution to my problem?