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    Uverse incompatibility


      After the latest update to the Uverse firmware, the Slingbox will not send repeated keys to the receiver.


      Since Sling does not seem to want to acknowledge or respond to this problem, I have to believe that they really don't care much about their customers or their product.  The non-existent support makes it difficult to recommend the product.

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          telekaster Newbie

          I came here to discuss the same exact thing. I wasn't aware that it may be related to the latest Uverse firmware. I also just happened to replace my Slingbox 350 with an M2 when I noticed this happening.


          I can use the app's remote to enter channel 1010 or 1451 for example, but I cannot enter 1005, 1008, etc. It will tune to "105" an d"108" respectively. Any help would be great!