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    Attach audio volume control to slingbox or slingplayer


      Hi Alan,


      Many thanks for the reply and the offer to add the slingbox audio volume facility.


      Yes please, I'd like the facility  for the slingplayer to control the sending volume of the remote slingbox.  I'd like this to be available on the iPhone, Android and PC slingplayer apps please.


      My slingbox purpose is to control a Humax box at the home of a partially sighted person living alone.  She can see well enough to enjoy the programmes and knows her remote well enough to do simple things like changing channels etc on live TV, but using the on-screen menus is too challenging.


      So I envisage receiving phone calls with a request to schedule recordings or to cue-up and play programmes and then I'd disconnect & let the programme play.


      It wouldn't be so good if the Humax output gets switched to muted & I have no way to unmute it ;-)


      I'm new to this product and don't know any of its history, but is there an overriding reason why in the slingplayer's settings we can't have a switch that maps the 3 volume controls either a) to the slingbox or b) to the slingplayer?


      If that's not possible, for my application it would be good if the slingbox Volume Up command were programmed (in the PC player that has a graphic facsimile of the hardware remote) to the TV button very top left which has no current function.


      In the iPhone slingplayer, are there a fixed number of buttons in the "ALL" remote control set?  If not then perhaps you could write 2 more buttons for slingbox volume up & down.  Alternatively, if the set of buttons is limited, I haven't yet found a use for the <CH button (labelled "last") on this Humax box and this could be mapped to the Volume Up of the slingbox.


      I haven't yet used the Android slingplayer but I imagine the same rules apply here and there is every chance that other people on Android would be prepared to join in supporting the lady's viewing experience.


      Very many thanks for your help, David.