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    Watch on Sling.com crashes

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      I am having all kinds of trouble with every form of Sling Player.  I have a PRO-HD and use windows 10 with either firefox or edge.  The sling site tells me to go to sling.com and click on "watch" because desktop player will no longer work with my box.  Thanks sling - appreciate the update and support of the product!.  So I tried it and......


      Works for about a minute, climbs to 3+ mb streaming HD video then shuts off.  Any ideas on what is going wrong?  Sling will not talk to me or help.  Offered to sell me a new box.  Another paperweight, I assume.


      Web player will not work either.  I can't seem to find an option in the "new and improved" sling environment that will function with my PRO-HD box.  They seem to be having a lot of software/firmware issues.


      Any help would be appreciated.