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    Sling Player Desktop not working with Pro HD and windows 10

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      My Pro HD will no longer function with desktop player or the web browser version.  I am running windows 10 and have tried Firefox and Edge with no luck.  Worked last week, but the Sling update is a no go.


      Is there a player that will work with Pro HD or is Sling forcing me to buy a new box? 


      Sling has now posted on the support page, excuse me, lack of support page, that the newest Desktop Player is not compatible with PRO-HD, so I guess their update made it a paperweight.  Of course no one at Sling will talk to me about this no matter how you approach it - even willing to pay for support to give me the old version, but that's a non-starter too.  Sling seems to have thrown me under the bus.


      Everything worked last week, but now it's just the middle finger from Sling.  More broken promises and lies.  Very disappointed.