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    M1. No control of Mute and volume _from_ Humax DTR T1000 ?




      My M1 is working fine playing into the PC and iPhone slingplayers from my Humax DTR T1000 and I'm using its defined remote profile stored in the slingbox setup.


      My issue is that neither the PC nor the iPhone slingplayer apps seems to have any remote control of the audio volume that the Humax sends out to the internet.


      The slingplayer apps give me control over the loudspeaker volume at the receiving device (the PC or the iPhone), but not control of what the Humax is outputting.


      This becomes a problem when the Humax is switched to mute locally.  I have not found a way for the remote receiving device to unmute the Humax.


      Am I missing something?


      Many thanks for your help, David.