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    The connected video signal is not supported


      I upgraded to FIOS Quantum, replacing the older FIOS video/DVR receiver with a Verizon Arris VMS 1100. I reconfigured my Slingbox for the new media streaming device and can hear audio and the remote works but no video.  "The connected video signal is not supported" is displayed where the video should appear.  The TV connects at 1080p and the specs. document 1080p over component as a supported resolution, Slingbox.com - Slingbox 350 - Specs.  I've read lowering the resolution to 1080i or 720p works for some but I don't want to downgrade video quality.  Is there a fix for this?



      • Model:Slingbox 350
      • Owner:  Removed info
      • A/V Device Support:
      • Firmware Version:1.5.72
      • Hardware Version:1.1.1
      • Activation Date:Wed, 16 Jul 2014 18:34:29
      • Slingbox ID:  Removed info
      • Current Video Source Details:
        • Input / Name:COMPONENT
        • Manufacturer :NA
        • Model:NA