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    Problem with catcher after turning on power


      We have three slingcatchers in our home. Two work fine. The third one is in the kitchen and comes off two switches in tandem. When we power it up it  starts but tv shows no signal. If I unplug power to catcher momentarily and reconnect power the catcher goes thru normal phases and I see screen that lists my slingboxes to choose from for connecting. Why am I having to power and disconnect and reconnect power to get signal? It is this only catcher off of two switches, that have anything to do with it? Any ideas appreciated. Video connection is HDMI.

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          I think it may be the hdmi. I have to keep pressing the power button the it goes off then on and it takes a few goes to get it on. Perhaps leaving it on is best option?

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            Akilla21 Newbie

            I too, am now experiencing Sling catcher problems. I see a very dim LAN light that goes out when I disconnect LAN connection. So, I must be getting power or the LAN led wouldn't be lit. I am so tired of Slingbox products. First, it was the Slingbox freezing every three days. Then, I purchased a manageable APC power strip so, I can turn it off and back on.


            Now, da freaken catcher has failed. You begin to understand when a manufacturer only backs their products by 90 days is an example of how unreliable it must be. I know they won't support the catcher because of its problems, but how can a $200 product fail after 6 months?