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    Slingplayer Desktop App and Web Player Issues (another one)


      I don't know about everyone else, but the day that my slingplayer desktop app quit working was the day I received a marketing email telling me to upgrade my slingbox to the new m1/m2...


      Is that a coincidence? I doubt it...


      Also notice on the product page for Slingplayer Desktop app, it only states compatibility with the Slingbox M1. No mention of the 350/500/older devices. It even says it doesn't work with the M2.


      Seems to me like a deliberate sabotage of these products in order to get us to buy new boxes.


      What is even worse is now the web player is nearly completely useless. Again, I don't know if it is a coincidence, but my sound/video feed fall out of sync ever 3-5 minutes like clockwork forcing me to refresh. It happens all day and has made watching the web player completely useless and frustrating.


      Furthermore, I have been having connection issues with the web player. Says box is unreachable after refreshing 30 times, then I open the desktop app and boom there's my feed working perfectly in a tiny box with the reconfig screen everyone else is seeing.


      I even let it play in the tiny box just to see and had no issues with sync.


      Webplayer won't even load in my Chrome or safari, so as of now stuck watching 3-5 minutes through the Firefox web player then refreshing, then watching 3-5 minutes, then refreshing, and so on and so on...


      Please do something guys this is ridiculous and you are making a large customer base quite angry to say the least!


      Edit: Doesn't surprise me they deleted the original problem thread/made it unable to post in.

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          This is ridiculous.  If they don't fix this desktop issue soon, I'll trash my 500 and never spend another dime on Slingbox.  Cheaper to buy a handful of over products - at least they'll work and be supported.

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            Same issues here.  Desktop won't work and web player crashes every couple minutes.  I called and they recommend a new slingbox.  @$$#0!+s at Sing don't care about their customers.  I'm going VPN and cord cutting.  Sling has been the worst to work with, never kept their promises and now, its just another middle finger.  I'm angry and tired of their lies.


            Shame on all of them

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              I recently bought the slingplayer M2 after using the original (don't even know which model) for almost 9 years. Was happy with it before. Loved the UI of the old desktop app.


              M2 seems fine, but Slingplayer for Web is absolutely terrible. It's crazy to imagine such a clunky, non-efficient interface in 2016. This is really the best they could come up with?


              First, why call it Slingplayer "for web?" Is there any OTHER option for desktop? You still have to install a plugin and the go through to web to open it. I have 4 windows open and click 7 different times before I can even sniff Live TV. And when i do, it usually becomes so choppy within 30 minutes, I can't watch it anyway. Some of it may have to do with internet connectivity (I'm living abroad in China), but I can stream other websites (youtube, netflix) via VPN no problem.


              Second, I can't save any favorites, despite there being a favorites tab on the guide. So I have to scroll through hundreds of channels in order to change. This means clicking back and forth between windows because the guide opens in it's own window. It's so annoying.


              I feel stupid because it makes me feel like I must be doing something wrong and that a company cannot put a product this poor out there for consumers. Even after reading all these complaints, I still wonder if I'm just totally missing something.


              I want to email them directly, but hopefully more complains on this board will just push them to improve. Unsatisfied customer here. Unless it improves, this will be my last Sling purchase.

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                  They have basically made it known by their silence that they don't care and have abandoned their customers.  Right after they broke it (intentionally or not, they were posting asking for details, as if they were trying to diagnose what happened.  I have never seen an explanation, even a comment that they are investigating, that it was unintentional, that they can't fix it, etc.  It leads me to believe that they did this intentionally but aren't admitting it (presumably the asking for system config was either:

                  1. Being charitable, maybe the person posting that asking for info hadn't been told that they knew what happened and had stabbed their users in the back
                  2. Being cynical, maybe that was an attempt to mask what they intentionally did, to mislead us, so that once it becomes clear (as it pretty much has, from what I can see), that they abandoned us, they can hope that some believe those posts and think it was actually intentional and that at least some will believe that it was not intended.


                  I choose to interpret their silence with cynicism.  And I will not be recommending them, and any time it comes up I'll either talk about what I did to replace it, or say that I have it but I'm sorry that I do, and advising people to not make the same mistake I did.

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                      Mine had been working fine then one day it wanted to update my "Slingplay for the Web" plugin and ever since it hasn't worked at all. I've been through all the suggested fixes but nothing seems to work. It works fine while you're going the the setup but as soon as the Slingplayer app launches I get an error saying it can't connect. The desktop App for Windows works but the audio and video are out of sync. It's driving me crazy. Does anybody else make a similar product that has some actual customer support?

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                    Slingbox Slingplayer for web continues to falter.  The service is practically useless.  It usually doesn't work at all.  The only thing that seems to work most of the time are the ads.  LOL

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                      I totally agree this web based interface is total rubbish.

                      What a waste and downturn from the original.