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    Adding a second M1 on same network


      I currently have an M1 and now I want to add a new M1 to a different cable box. I have port forwarding set up at 5301 on my first box but not sure what port to assign on the new one. Can anyone help?



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          sakisson Novice


          This is what you can try to do, it might work.

          Once the second slingbox is installed > disable the UPNP on your router and assign another port to the MAC address /or static IP of the second slingbox.

          Reset the 2nd slingbox and run once again the setup and this should help you add a new slingbox in your network

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            I understand that you would like to add a second Slingbox M1 to a different cable box and you have your first Slingbox M1 assigned to port 5301. Below is a helpful link:

            What is a port?


            "If you have more than one Slingbox on your network, each one receives its own port number, incremented by one: for example, port 5202, port 5203, and so on ... up to 5225."


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