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    Slingbox M2 on roku buffering when switching channels


      When i send it to the roku it works, but if I change channels using the roku remote, it buffers. If I quit and go back to the iphone app I can change channels without issue. Also if I change channels using the cable remote no issues.


      Any ideas?

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          Same problem.  Using the new Roku premier +.  It's not the upload either. If I switch it back to Android it works fine.  Switch it back to Roku, stuck on buffering.

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            I understand you are having issues with your Roku when you change channels. Below is a helpful link:


            Frequently asked questions about SlingPlayer for Roku


            -Can I use my Roku remote control to change channels?

            "Not while you're using SlingPlayer for Roku. When you use SlingPlayer for Roku, your Roku streaming player disregards all commands sent from the remote control. You must use your smartphone or tablet to control the TV program."



            Thank you,


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              I'm also experiencing the same exact problem. I have a 10M down/10M up connection that is dedicated solely for the M2 at my work location where the M2 and cable box are setup. At home I have a 75M down/15M up connection, so I'm sure bandwidth is not an issue at either location. I can change channels from my iPhone using the SlingPlayer app remote, but when broadcasting to my Roku Premiere+ following the same procedure it pops up "buffering" in the upper right corner. It does this trying to access dvr functions as well. And I just tried to call Slingbox support and was very disheartened that they are so greedy to charge for support. Had I known this before purchasing, I would've probably passed. Hopefully someone will look into this and get us an answer. I have recommended this setup to many and even showed it off, but if this issue isn't addressed and corrected, I will highly recommend to others not to purchase these products. Thanks

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                  I have a similar issue as well on my m1. Mine is not a buffering issue but a issue changing channels when connected to my Roku 3. It does nothing when i click a particular program but highlight the program with a line around the box. When i send the stream back to the phone (pixel running Android 7.1.1), i have no issues changing channels. Please help. I am also equally frustrated that after all the money i forked out for the m1 that support is greedy to want to charge for issues with their product.  Not a good policy sling if you wish to keep your customer base. If this issue is not resolved promptly, i will not recommend this system to others and will go with a alternative system when possible.