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    setup slingbox solo on campus


      Have seen a number of questions regarding accessing a slingbox setup at home from college, but I would like to set one up on campus at my daughter's school to watch games from home. I currently have it setup and configured for use at home, what do I have to do to move it to campus? Will it work if I just connect it to the school network?


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          victorypoint Newbie

          Just to be clear, you have a SOLO currently connected to your home TV and you want your daughter to be able to control and view your home TV from campus?  If so, you need to setup your SOLO and home router for Internet viewing (see http://support.slingbox.com/go/internet-viewing).  Your daughter only needs a broadband Internet connection and Sling Player running on her computer/laptop/mobile device.


          PS - I just reread your post and see that you want to do the opposite.  Once you have the SOLO connected at campus, I believe you'll have to rerun the Internet viewing wizard.  You'll run into snags if the campus network blocks common TCP ports.  Only way to tell is to move the SOLO and try it out.