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    Desktop App Not Workng / Webviewer Not Working / SLINGMEDIA NOT WORKING!


      Yet another post to say that the Desktop App is STILL not working,  It has been 5 days since the problem with the desktop app started but not a single piece of information from SLING.


      The Desktop is redirecting me to setup my Slingbox but will not let me watch once the setup is complete, and as if this was not bad enough the Webviewer is not working also. I am getting the following message:


      "Sorry, we do not support setup on browser anymore. Please click below link to download 'SlingPlayerDesktop' application to configure/re-configure your Slingbox."


      The link directs you to the Desktop App download page.... REALLY?!  Someone at SLING is having a laugh at the expense of their customers.

      Is this way you treat your customers?  Well this has gone beyond a joke now SLING!  Tell us when you will have a solution to fix these problems.  If there was an alternative choice I would be looking at it right now.