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    yet another "my desktop app stopped working last week" post


      Well here you go.  The community post from a sling person won't allow any replies now.  Fabulous.



      Same problems as all listed above.  Mac OS X and/or Windows 7/10.  Of course streaming from the web "works" for about 15 minutes at a time before some internet hiccup or other causes the browser plug-in to freak out.  I'M SO SICK OF being told it's somehow better to have to have my laptop connect to a device on my own home lan thru Sling's internet service meaning reaching out across my bandwidth then streaming back in with my bandwidth when the device is in the next room or across the house.


      THIS IS NOT BETTER.  The browser plug-ins are atrocious, they all use Flash which is it's own long running ongoing disaster ("did it crash? probably flash...").


      I don't use my slingbox via the internet that much.  I use it within my own home to watch on devices while I move around or in rooms that don't have a television or cable wiring.  I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO TOUCH THE INTERNET TO DO THIS, beyond perhaps some authentication and account verification and such. 


      Come on, sling.  Quit screwing up such basic things.  Or GIVE US A METHOD to direct-connect on our own home LANs directly to the **** box without burning up bandwidth.  I'm sure collecting data and metrics about what we're watching and when is very important to you, but figure out how to do it another way.


      Getting fed up, and starting to look for other solutions.