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    Weak or no video detected


      I am running a pro hd with a scientific atlanta 4200 cablebox from Cablevision on Long Isand.  A few weeks ago I could NOT get any signal recognized from ANY cablebox into my pro hd.  I could get signals directly from the cable line (those that were not scrambled).  Now Cablevision has changed all of their signals so that one can ONLY get signals through a cablebox!  Now I only get "Weak or No Video Detected."  I DO NOT use any HDMI output from my pro hd box, nor does this cable box have HD capabilities.  I do get the audio from each channel.  I have tried S-0video, component inputs and cable directly out from the cable box (channel 3).  Same error.

      I have used an amplifier that Cablevision had supplied me a few months ago when they had a low signal on my line.  Hooked it up before the cablebox, then after the cablebo (before going into my pro hd).  Same messsage!

      Running the latest firmware and software.

      When this first occurred, I thought that my pro hd box was bad and PAID for a replacement from Sling.  Same problem!

      I see MANY postings with others getting a similar problem.  Is there a problem with the pro hd box?

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          Hi Newtons69,


          Did you run the setup assistant again? I recommend that you reset your Slingbox and then run the Setup Assistant and try different connections like component, composite and Svideo to determine if the issue persists



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              I just had Direct TV hooked up to replace Cox Cable.  My Slingbox Pro has always worked fine with Cox Cable, but now suddenly with Direct TV and the exact same component Video hook up I am seeing a scrambled green screen.

              Turns out the Direct TV box was setup to output 480 line resolution instead of 1080.  Select the Format button on the remote to access the screen output resolution and turn off all but 1080p or 1080i depending on what your TV supports.  That fixed the the green scrambled screen.