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    Why no Ubuntu (Linux) support?


      I want to hear what excuses the people at slingbox come up with to not support slingplayer or even support browsers within Ubuntu (Linux)! I am NOT a happy customer knowing my needs (and many many more) are being ignored!


      Right now the only way I can get it working (and many others I know) is to use wine or a virtual machine running windows. This doesn't solve the problem because if slingbox has any statistical logs it will show us as Windows users not Linux.


      From searching all the forums through google it would appear there is A LOT of customers out there who put up with the slingbox ****. They have our money now how about some support!!



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          I would completely like to hear the same excuses as you're looking for. I too have an Ubuntu machine. But bad news is, it's most likely due to 1) laziness and 2) legal issues with audio/video industry.

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            Ok. So an update here for Linux desktops. I have a solution! I stumbled upon this completely by accident and haven't tested it yet because some compiling and patching is involved. If you would like to know the solution, please PM me or message me as I do not think this should be public just yet. For one reason, it's quite beta. Secondly, it's not officially supported by SlingMedia, who seem to not care if a Linux version is ever created.

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              Since the people at Slingbox have their fingers up there @$$! about supporting Ubuntu (Linux) I've been working on an easy way to get it working. I'm trying to get webslinger to run on firefox with wine.


              So far I have it running through wine but not stable. I would appreciate feed back on how to tweak it to make it more stable. This is what I have so far:


              Run the following in the terminal:


              sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
              sudo apt-get update
              sudo apt-get install wine1.3


              Now make sure you have a clean install. I would keep getting errors if I had old files in winetricks and wine:


              rm -Rf ~/.cache/winetricks

              rm -Rf ~/.wine

              or make a backup of your wine folder



              Now run the following (The first one usually works but sometimes I would get errors so then I would run the second) :

              winetricks -q dotnet20 gdiplus quartz d3dx9 d3dxof firefox flash


              winetricks -q dotnet20 gdiplus quartz firefox flash directx9


              After the install reboot.



              • I noticed dotnet20 and directx is necessary for webslingplayer to run correctly.
              • flash isn't needed but I install it anyway so other websites work fine.
              • Don't know if gdiplus and/or quartz is necessary.
              • Would like to fix black bars from showing up around address bar of firefox.