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    Problems watching Slingbox on Roku Streaming Stick

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      We used to have a fairly easy time getting our Slingbox to stream to our old Roku (an older model that is a set-top box with a power cord) but have had varying levels of difficulty making it work recently. I'm wondering if this is because at some point we upgraded to a Roku Streaming Stick that has no power cord of its own; it gets its power from the TV, so when the TV goes off, the Roku goes off, meaning it is going off and on all the time instead of being always plugged in to power.


      Or it could be a different reason entirely.


      When we first bought the Streaming Stick it did seem to work OK most of the time. Our Slingbox app on our iPads and iPhones saw two different Rokus and could play to either. Now we have to fiddle with all the devices (router, Roku, iPhones, iPads, etc.) restarting and unplugging everything over and over for sometimes up to 45 minutes before it finally works. And we have no idea which reset (or maybe just passage of time?) makes it finally work.