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      OK. So you see fit to shove commercials up our ***** every time we start up the slingbox. Marketing is marketing. I understand. But limit the ads to 30 spots with the option to 'Skip Ad'.   Most of us can deal with that. Lately I've been getting ads that run like full feature movies. Right now I am on my 3rd MINUTE of this bullshit while I wait for the slingbox to launch. So, to that effect I have 5 words I's like to express to you at this time. '**** YOU AND YOU COMMERCIALS!!!!!  As of Right now I I feel I have become a Certified Luthier and Home repairman after receiving a full instructional video of complete bullshit while I wait to access my Slingbox. So get YOUR **** together and STOP cramming these long tedious bullshit commercials up our *****. There are other option out there.