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    Error: 0x923400dc


      I am getting the following error when connecting my Slingbox Solo:


      • Error: 0x923400dc
      • Context: 0
      • Operation:3

      Looks like there's a problem:


      The Slingbox has reset the connection, which disconnected SlingPlayer.

      [Advanced users: the error code is 0x923400dc.]

      Here are some possible reasons why this happened. This information may help you troubleshoot the problem.

      The operation failed because of invalid state

      I already changed the modem and the internet provider. Any tip?

          • Re: Error: 0x923400dc

            Hi, micleus


            This error means that your Slingbox is no longer able to allow the remote connection. Therefore, you will need to check some router settings at the Slingbox location.


            The following link will provide you with all the information you must know about the Slingbox Internet Viewing feature and adjustments to make in order to enable it.  


            Internet Viewing