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    Quick Question: Can you use your remote at a friend's house?


      I am very close to purchasing a new slingbox hd pro 300-100 (or 200-100 used) because I think it fits my needs, however, there is one issue I need resolved before making the purchase. I need to know if I can change the channel on my set top box from another location apart from my home.


      I am in law school right now living in the dorms, as a broke grad student I can't afford to purchase a cable subscription, however I still want to catch sportscenter and live sports games. At my house (or I guess my parents house) we have a cable subscription. I want to be able to set up the slingbox in my room over there and have the ability to control what I watch from my dorm room. Is this possible? or am I going to have to call my mom to change the channel every time? (lol)