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    Denver DCB-108HD DVB-C Tuner remote control


      Hi, so i bought a DVB-C tuner model Denver DCB-108HD, to connect to my Slingbox Solo. It is a Danish brand (but made in the east somewhere obviously). It is not listed the normal setup menu and I didn't know where to start finding a similar device that might work. I found the remotes.slingbox.com site where you can learn the remote and through a lot of trial and error (and using a Logitech harmony which seems to be better at learning and sending the code) I finally managed to get most of the buttons working.


      There are some issues though.


      - The arrow buttons up/down are used to change channel, but it changes channel 3-4 times with each press. (I can actually get around this using the logitech harmony and pressing the button on the harmony for only a short while instead of holding it while learning it on the slingbox.)

      - The arrow buttons left/right are used to lower/raise the sound volume. This works very slowly and only once every keypress. It doesn't matter if I use the original remote or the logitech to teach the command.

      - Keypresses seems to queue up a lot if you keep pressing a button. The queue can get 10-20 seconds long where no other commands can be given until the queue empties out.

      - In the menu navigation the arrow keys are used to navigate but they work very slowly compared to the normal remote. The queueing up is also an issue here.

      - You can't click a series of numbers to switch channel, like if I press "1"-"2" quickly to switch to channel 12, it just selects channel 1 and after a couple of seconds channel 2.


      Any thoughts on improving the situation? I think I would be able to live with it, to be honest. I can set up a list of favorite channels to navigate through so I don't have to use the numbers too much. I pretty much only watch 4-5 channels regularly.