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    Slingbox 500 reports unconfigured at every startup

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      For the last several days I have had to reconfigure my Slingbox 500 every time I run Slingplayer Desktop.  Worse, on this computer, every time I go through the setup procedure I can see the program I want to watch streaming in a small window  on the setup screen.  Then, when I finally get to the end of the setup process, having selected the carrier, STB, and remote, and confirmed that all is working, all I have left is a choice between "watch TV on your browser" or "settings."  I cannot just close the screen and watch my program.  I have been selecting "watch TV on your browser," but that takes me to another iteration of Slingbox Desktop, which brings up the "unconfigured" screen again.  This a an extremely frustrating development.  Luckily, I have that second computer here, which is working.


      Given that I am able to stream to one computer, I have to assume that the Slingbox itself is working.  That makes me wonder if the Slingbox Desktop programs I have installed here are causing conflicts with each other.  I noticed that when I went back to the other computer after attempting to get this one working, it displayed a message that it had been disconnected due to an internal problem (P-16).  I used to see the message "disconnected because another user has connected."


      My Slingbox Desktop was created in March 2015.  I ran "repair" on it, to no avail.  Is there a newer version that I do not know of?