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    Row of corrupt video across middle of screen


      Hi forum,


      I've been a happy Slingbox user for a few months now with many hours spent on the road watching my Panasonic HDD Recorder over the web on my laptop.


      With no changes to the configuration I have, I downloaded the SlingPlayer for iPhone 3GS and am getting a persistent horizontal bar across the picture that corrupts the video. There appear to be no other reported issues with the SlingPlayer behaving in this way.


      The problem also occurs when I'm at home on the WiFi network in the house or using it away from home on another network. It also happens when I use the player on an iPad.


      Any suggestions?


      PS - do Slingmedia have a support line in the UK? I keep trying to find a way to call but get directed back to the web forums and FAQs all the time.