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    Video out from SB not working!


      Can anyone provide me with ideas as to why I would be unable to get video out of the SB box to work on any source (s video & composite).  All three lights are on in the front and the video from both imput source is seen on the SB site during input setup.  However, once I connect the s video or composite out from the box to my tv (after changing the tv to the proper source), I am unable to get video.  If I connect my s video straight from the source (bypassing SB box), straight to my TV then I get video - eliminating a cable problem etc.  In this manner I can even leave the audio hooked up running through the SB and running the svideo direct and the audio will work.  However if I run the video through SB again the audio will not work.


      Any ideas would be appreciated



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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          I don't know the answer, but why do you need to use video out from your Slingbox?  Why don't you plug your tv into your main source (cable box, etc) and send your Slingbox info to your router?

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              Good question - And if there is a preferred method to accomplish this please let me know.  I have several video/audio imput sources that I would like to watch on the lcd nearest the SB as well as through SB on the net.  Therefore, I have connected my dish box directly to SB as well as the additional added sources such as Roku and used the s-video out back to the lcd.  Then I intend on pushing a second video out from SB via coxial to additional lcd's throughout the housing using a amplied signal generator.


              Thanks for your assistance!

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              Hi, did you ever find a solution to this problem?  I am trying to do the same thing with no success.