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    3G connection


      I can connect remotely via wifi but not 3G.  3G connection was working fine until a few weeks ago.  Is there a glitch in the software?

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          I have not had that problem from any updates, but when the 3G or wifi speed is to slow I have had problems logging on or keeping a picture.  So to check if it is the speed of 3G or WiFi I is really slow I use a FREE Speed Test App.  There are a couple out there and all seem to work ok ( I use Speedtest.net Mobile Speedtest / Ookla ). You need over 400 kbps or more to use Sling Player. One time when Sling player was not working for me I had a speed of 3G of around 150kbps.  But when normal it should be around 1500kbps and as high 2000 kbps. My WiFi at home is at 18000 kbps.

          Hope that helps, even if not it is always good to know if 3G or Wi Fi is faster.   

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              Remember there is a difference between download speed and upload speed.


              For Slingbox the most important is the UPLOAD speed.My Internet is 12M Download but only 2M Upaload. So my quality should be the same on wifi and 3G, since all it can upload is 2M and the iphone 3G downloads about the same. And if I am on wifi most will download at least 2M. so it will also be the same quality. In theory.!

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                Of course WiFi is faster -_ -...  WiFi is 54Mbps, question is how fast is your internet to your wifi router.  If you get the cheapest comcast offer it's 15Mbps, if you get the fastest one it's 50Mbps.  AT&T's 3G is suppose to theoretically reach around 7Mbps.  4G might be as fast as your internet at home.