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    Needed Portrait orientation & pinch Zoom


      For the apple Apps:


      I don't understand how it is that you cannot use the Sling player Mobile in the portrait orientation. And with that in mind how is it we still cannot do the hole pinch zoom thing with the app. So many apps out there have no problem writing that into the programing.


      The portrait mode would be very useful when using a phone holder as many do not rotate and also the Dish Network App does not rotate to Landscape mode. So even if you do have a holder or just holding the phone in your hand you have to rotate the phone back and forth all the time. 


      By the way the new release of Dish Remote Access ( Free APP for iPhone (NOT iPad) /  Version 2.2 on Oct 7, 2010 ) will now work as the Sling Player Mobile and you no longer need the Sling Player Mobile ($29.99) to watch your slingbox, BUT this only works with the built-in Slingbox on the Dish Network 922 receiver / Slingbox and only on the iPhone, not on the iPad.

      This app works good and has much better menu  than the standard Sling Player Mobile, but there is always room to improve.  


      I also have a Slingbox Pro and I can confirm the Dish Remote Access Player  does not work with that so I still need to use the Sling Player Mobile to use anything other than what the 922 box has to offer.