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    Eferz - Can you please help with Slinglink Turbo New Install


      I just purchased Slingbox Solo with the Slinglink Turbo 4 port (Woot). Cablebox is in bedroom on second floor. Desktop computer and Netgear N Router are in office on first floor below bedroom. Plugging Slinglink into bedroom outlet and office outlet had no connection. The inter-connection light on the Slinglink was out and the Network light on the Slingbox was flashing. I attached an extension cord and dragged the power cord from the Slinglink in the office (connected   to the router) to the bathroom, next door. I did get the Slingbox to work, then. However this is not a viable permanent solution. I have only one wire coming into my house. There a re a number of circut breakers within the house. What can I do electrically to get the Slingbox signal to my router, so that I can view the picture over the internet.


      Is there some way to measure the singal of the sling transmission within my house. I tried another configuration where I connected the Slinglink in another downstairs room to the wall where there is a hardwired Cat 5 connection to the router. All lights look good, but when I connect to Slingbox.com and try to WATCH, I get no or dropped connection.


      One question, is: Do both SlingLink pieces need to be plugged into a wall socket that is on the same circut breaker? A second questionis: Is there some way to test the signal strength of the Sling tramsmission from the cable box to the router? And finally, do you have any advice that ill help me get my Slingbpx signal to be seen over the Internet.


      Thanks for any advice you can provide.